Proven Leader in Logistics Technology

Founded by Delhivery in 2019, OS1 brings together more than a decade of learnings and leadership experience in the logistics industry.

Delhivery is India's largest fully-integrated logistics service provider. Serving 27,000+ customers globally across courier/ express parcel, part truckload, truckload, cross-border and warehousing & supply chain services, it operates 18M+ sq ft of infrastructure space and has delivered 2Bn+ orders since inception

It's with the learnings from this experience that we have built OS1 - to help operators solve their day-to-day challenges, scale their businesses and reimagine their supply chain operations.


Our Vision: Re-imagine Logistics.

We understand logistics.

We understand technology.

We understand scale.

With OS1, we want to ensure that organizations are not limited anymore by barriers of technology and scale. We democratize technology for all organizations and enable them to embrace easily the power of scalable automation. OS1 is one platform where scalability and agility meet usability. With this, they can respond faster to changing market conditions, scale their operations effortlessly and gain competitive advantage.

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Optimize Everything

Operators should have the tools they need, no matter the task or the location. That means Operations leaders and dispatchers should be able to plan and allocate their resources in the best way possible. It also means being able to optimize the tasks for the worker to make delivery success an expectation every time.

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Real-Time Data & Decision Making

Decision makers need better data to drive better outcomes for their business. Customers want to know what is happening in real-time. Far too often the system has the information, but it is inaccessible and out of date. Our solutions framework enables business leaders, users, and customers with the right information, in real-time, improving decision making and overall quality of operations

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Flexible & Scalable Technology

Developers need the ability to develop custom logistics solutions, without the development overhead that comes with customization. Our tools allow developers to reuse, re-purpose and re-configure applications to meet these unique needs. Our approach re-imagines logistics software as an open-ecosystem supporting multiple applications, integrating data from different sources, and empowering a variety of business use cases

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Our Team

We are innovators in logistics technology. We immerse ourselves in the challenges facing our partners, operators, and their customers. Every member of our team works toward a common goal: make an easier, faster, and more reliable experience for developers building new logistics technologies in order to empower logistics operators and enhance the end user experience.



Proven leaders building success in a rapidly-evolving logistics ecosystem. We are driven by uncompromising standards for operations excellence. Our teams are instilled with a passion to delight the customer. Everything we do aims to deliver an exceptional customer experience.



Builders. Makers. Natural-Born Problem Solvers. We architect practical solutions for the real challenges facing operators, empowering decision makers and associates with what they need.



We understand the challenges of integrating across many systems. Our platform enables developers to build the technology they need while leveraging existing data sources and external applications.

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