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How does your pricing work?-

OS1 provides you with several pricing options based on your call volume. You will have a set amount of calls per API in a given month, any overages will be charged at the end of the month.

When am I billed?+

Our plans are billed monthly. The flat rate for your plan will be paid upfront. If you sign up in the middle of the month, we will prorate your plan based on the number of days remaining. Overages will be calculated and billed at the first of the month for the previous month.

Can I change my plan after I sign up?+

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. When upgrading, you will be prorated the difference of the flat-rate between the two plans upfront. Any overages will be calculated based on the new plan's overage rate. Downgrading or cancelling your plan will take effect in the next monthly billing cycle.

I'm already an OS1 subscriber, can I subscribe to additional APIs?+

Absolutely, during the sign up process you may select one or more APIs to subscribe to. You also have the option to sign up to additional APIs through the OS1 Marketplace. after sign up. You may also unsubscribe at anytime from the same location.

What is a 'call' and when does it count towards billing?+

Each address submitted for validation, standardization, confirmation or geocoding counts as a 'call'

What happens to unused calls at the end of the month?+

Any unused calls will be forfeited at the end of that month

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