Minimize Returns up to 25% with RTOne

Advanced, data-driven Returns Prediction API to enable you to minimize RTO


Get Accurate & Actionable Returns Prediction with RTOne.

Tired of orders getting rejected at the time of delivery?

Say goodbye to RTO issues with OS1’s advanced returns predictor. RTOne offers the most accurate insights into likelihood of returns with a score that enables you to assess returns risk and last-minute order rejection. These insights are derived from customer delivery behavior across 1B+ shipments, spanning 18,500+ pin codes pan-India.


Best-in-class Returns Prediction

Achieve higher delivery success rate and reduce reattempts by leveraging RTOne’s predictive intelligence to assess the likelihood of order return, and make proactive interventions.

Customize Checkout Experience COD or No COD

Enable or disable Cash on Delivery options after assessing the risk of returns. Tweak the checkout experience based on the order’s RTOne score to minimize returns.


Set Up Post-Checkout Interventions

Depending on the severity of the RTOne score, set up post-checkout interventions such as order confirmation through multiple channels - phone calls, SMS & Whatsapp, and mitigate the chances of returns.

Leverage RTO Insights

Identify patterns and behaviors pertaining to returns over a period of time and drive critical business decisions on the types of inventory, payment, or delivery options you want to offer, based on the returns risk.


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